Meet Our Pets

We have always been animal lovers. One of the things we had in common when meeting was a childhood yearning for a dog neither of us ever had one but walked other peoples. So once we had our own home, pets were quickly on the agenda!

Choosing The Right Pet

As much as we wanted a dog at the time we both worked full time at the same time all day, we wanted to re-home from an animal shelter and we knew they wouldn’t agree it, with good reason, (professional dog walkers didn’t exist then) Even with decent walks before and after work, any dog would be left a long time, 5 days a week. We were not able to return at lunch time either. So as much as we wanted a dog, we made the decision to wait and ended up sounding like our parents! Thankfully the allowed us an adult cat, we named her Hattie, she was amazing and settled in immediately. A year later our work patterns changed to shifts, and we felt we could better accommodate a dog. Badger then joined our family.

Even if you are not buying a pet from an animal charity, they do offer great advice, and help you consider both the needs for yourself and the animal. There is nothing more miserable, costly and stressful for both yourself and your pet with a wrong choice. I particularly like the PDSAs super quick Get Pet Wise questionnaire which helps you decide, which kind of pet would be a good match for you and your lifestyle.

In the UK according to the PDSA paw report 50% of UK adults own a pet. There are currently an estimated 10.9 million pet cats, 9.9 million pet dogs and 900 000 pet rabbits. Obviously there are a multitude of other pets besides dogs,cats and rabbits. In the US according to the National Pet Ownership Survey 2019-2020 67% of US households or about 85 million families, own a pet.


Our cat Jerry is quite a character, super loving, slightly quirky, but we love him for it. He loves to announce that he is in the room, he loves to be with you, but wont sit on you, just next to you but squashed up against you…he’s particular! He’s also not a big fan of being picked up. He likes being in different odd places and gets on well with the other animals. He came to us with his brother George as kittens a litter of 2 needing a home quickly. Sadly George didn’t cope well with our home downsize and became really unhappy. We eventually made the heartbreaking decision of re-homing him. Best decision we made however, as he is flourishing in his new home with a family friend.


What can we say about Misty, we wanted a puppy and went to a local re-homing organisation. Once we were aware the foster owner had a child and had been handled by her a lot, we knew she was the one for us. Misty loves kids, actually Misty loves everyone, and unfortunately assumes that anyone you come across on a walk wants to say hello and give her a fuss. She is a Collie Cross but thinks she’s a lap dog. Loves nothing more than lying on the sofa with her head on you.

She does look like a Collie with her legs chopped off. We believe some Corgi influence in there. With a predominant Collie look (and we met her mother also a Collie) you would think she would have more Collie traits-super intelligent? Er don’t wish to be rude but not exactly! Fly-ball and or Agility – not a chance, she likes other dogs balls, wont return them but will happily lose her own somewhere. When I tried some agility with her she looked at me as if to say, are you expecting me to do that again? Her purpose in life is definitely interesting walks, people meeting, sofa cuddles and TV!


Dell joined us earlier this year. I had known him for many years as a friend of mine is blind and he was her guide dog. I’ve always had a special connection with him even though he wasn’t my dog. We had previously discussed what would happen once he was retired, little did we know that it wasn’t that far away. Sadly autumn last year he was attacked by another dog whilst he was working. He didn’t sustain much physical damage, but psychologically he lost confidence in guiding, and was too wary of other dogs to guide safely. Although he went for support training, the decision was eventually made for him to retire. Devastating for both Dell and my friend, but at least they do get to see each other on occasions.

So we are now the proud owners of Dell, he seems pretty settled into his new life with us. He loves the water, clean or not! Loves tearing through long grass and loves sitting on you. He is the perfect gentleman towards our other animals and anyone else who visits, and we feel very privileged to have him.


Binki is our newest family member. We have been fostering rabbits for a local animal charity this last year and Binki just stole our hearts. She comes in and out of the house, and loves to tear around the garden. She loves to say hello to pretty much everyone and gets on with our other pets really well…loves to photo bomb! I am hoping to find her a companion as rabbits are happiest with a friend of their own kind.

Sadly rabbits are now considered one of the most neglected of pets as per Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund Their website and booklets are full of helpful advice, and certainly worth looking at whether considering having a bunny or if you already have one..

Bunny Guests

Below are the bunnies weve had the pleasure of looking after before they found their new forever homes .

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