Composting With A Wormery Is It Worth It?

So you’re considering buying or building a wormery or worm farm and wondering whether it’s worth it? In general wormery’s work well and are an efficient means of creating compost or just reducing your waste for properties that have small or no gardens.

However they are no means exclusive to this situation. There are many, myself included, that use several composting techniques, having a wormery being one of them. It is a fascinating way of being aware of how items are decomposed and nature works, reducing waste and providing a high nutrient rich compost called vermacompost and a natural organic fertiliser.

Before making your decision it’s worth considering some or all of the following questions expanded upon in this post to see if its the right choice for you :

  • Why Do I Want A Wormery
  • Does It Take Up Much Time
  • Does It Take Up Much Space
  • What Items Can I Put In My Wormery
  • What Items Should I Avoid
  • Does A Wormery Attract Rats
  • How Often Do I Need To Feed The Worms
  • What Happens If I Go On Holiday
  • How Much Compost Does A Wormery Make
  • How Long Does A Wormery Take To Produce Compost
  • What’s The Best Way To Use The Compost Produced
  • How Do I know If My Worms Are Happy
  • Can You Have Too Many Worms In Your Wormery
  • Where Can I Get A Wormery
  • Where Can I Get The Worms
  • Can I Use Worms I Find In The Garden
  • Conclusion
  • Helpful Links

Why Do I Want A Wormery

Wanting to create your own organic compost, a convenient way to reduce food, garden and home waste, even being interested in how decomposition works, and the fun of watching it all happen for yourself or with your kids, are all good reasons to compost.

Having a wormery or worm farm helps to keep things much tidier, and little space needed. They can be particularly helpful for people with small or no gardens. It can also mean being able to continue composting over winter periods, especially if you are able to keep the wormery insulated or in a shed, garage or even inside.

Does It Take Up Much Time

Not at all. The time it takes to open the box say hello to your worms and drop in some food. Sometimes I have cut up the scraps smaller and sometimes not, depending on the time I have.

Initially I was visiting them most days to see how they were doing, what worked best, and checking in case of escapes. I’ve since on occasions when tied up with other projects, or away have neglected them for a week or two, they were fine and had been busy eating and mating!

Setup may take longer depending on if you are creating a DIY version or purchasing a ready made. I went for a ready made tower version. It took far longer for me to read the extensive instructions and worm care than it did the 10 mins to put it together.

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