Why Less Is More

With so many lives changed either temporarily or permanently in the last 12-18 months, the term, ‘less is more’ has possibly never been more relevant and can actually be beneficial in so many areas of our lives.

Wanting More

The temporary joy in acquiring something new, for most people, particularly in the western world rarely lasts that long. We move on surprisingly quickly. The cycle of wanting more material things or experiences therefore needing more money to buy them, which intern leads to push for promotion or a search for a job that pays more money to pay for them. The more ‘stuff’ you have the bigger the home you need, or possibly forced to pay for storage. The increased home and contents insurance. The time and/or money needed for repair or just maintenance, it can go on in a constant cycle.

Joshua and Ryan from The Minimalists are extremely honest in their stories of dissatisfaction , where they had achieved everything they thought was important in life – the 6 figure career, the home, the car, the seemingly perfect lifestyle yet they were unsatisfied, depressed, stressed and in debt. This then caused them to make large lifestyle changes.

In general, once basic needs, health and security are met the correlation between greater wealth and greater happiness is no longer the same and can even start to diminish.

More Options More Decisions

Having little or no choice can be too restrictive and make us unhappy or feel that we have no autonomy over our lives. More choice increases our happiness however too many choices can be overwhelming and we then end up with too many decisions to make.

How many people have a closet full of clothes yet they feel they have nothing to wear or late for work trying to decide?

Twenty years ago I travelled to Canada, wonderful, amazing country. However coming from the UK at that time if you asked for a coffee, the chances are it was given to you white, if you wanted black you would have to say before the milk went in, and no one had heard of nut milks! I think some places may have offered cappuccino if you were lucky!

So back in Canada, up early, slightly jet lagged we wanted to have a look around and decided to go out for breakfast. We found a cafe with huge options on the boards. I thought I’d make it easy by going for a coffee and a doughnut. The poor waitress was probably equally alarmed at my lack of knowledge and how many questions it took to get my order. First question what type of coffee then decaf or normal? milk? what kind of milk? Dairy, nut or soya? OK dairy -full, semi or skimmed? Sugar? what kind of sugar? We then moved onto the doughnut…what kind of doughnut? what flavour? Iced or plane? I think at this point I stammered something like plane with plane icing! I just remember feeling exhausted by the time I sat down!

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