Easy Green Living Tips You Can Start At Home Today

Whilst the biggest impact changes to reduce environmental damage to our world will need to come from countries, governments and industry. There is still many quick and easy things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Take a quick look at our #10 top tips for going more Eco-Friendly and the action tips you can easily do today perhaps even right now to be a little more greener!

Check Your Energy Supplier

According to a recent PNAS study residential energy use accounts for 20% of greenhouse gases in the US. Living in and enjoying our homes does tend to be one of our highest contributions to energy usage. We need electricity and/or gas to pretty much do anything.

However, where is that energy coming from? Checking and considering switching to a green energy supplier means you will be using energy provided by renewable sources like wind, sun and water for electricity and either carbon offsetting or bio gas for gas.

If you are not using a green supplier by default all your energy is likely to be coming from fossil fuels or a mix. Either way worth checking the detail!

A green energy supplier doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive either. So going greener could even end up saving you money as well as a big reduction in your carbon footprint!

Action 1 You Can Do Today

  • Hop on the internet and checkout your suppliers web page and where they say their energy is coming from. Click into the specifics for a breakdown.

Turn Off Lights & Electrical Equipment When Not In Use

Whilst turning off lights that are needed is kind of a no brainer…but we’ve all done it! Turning off standby electrical goods is one of those grey areas where there is a trade off between feeling that it is a hassle to turn everything off for the possible negligible amount saved, or that it’s not using energy.

The reality is however, something that’s powered off is not powered down.

Older electrical goods are more likely to use more standby power than newer more energy efficient ones. However don’t be fooled about that negligible amount for say one TV. Most homes have multiple devices. Often more than one TV home entertainment systems, DVD’s, games consoles, tablets, computers and laptops music centres, speakers and mobile phones.

Even once charged (a mobile phone is likely to take no more than 2 hours) yet will keep drawing energy whenever left on charge. Add in hand held or rechargeable household tools and power tools with all the other devices and suddenly, there is a lot of extra power being used needlessly increasing your carbon footprint and adding to your fuel bill year on year.

According to The Energy Saving Trust the average UK household spends £35 a year powering ‘on standby’ devices.

There are standby saver products on the market, enabling multiple devices to be switched off at the same time. For product ideas via amazon click here.

Action 2 You Can Do Today

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