5 Instant Happiness Tips For a Bad Day

Here is a list of 5 go to tips when you’re having a bad day or suffering from low mood, and why they work.

  • Drink a glass of water
  • Go outside and look at a tree
  • Think of something or someone you are thankful for
  • Check your happy list
  • Breathe more deeply

Drink a glass of water

It really is that simple. Up to almost 60% of the human body is made up of water, and according to H.H. Mitchell, (Journal of Biological Chemistry 158) the brain and heart are composed of almost 73% water. The diagram below effectively shows the functions for which water is required throughout our bodies, and its vital importance.

Graphic showing what water is for in a human body.

As the water composition is high in our brains, and it is needed to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters. Its easy to see the correlation between water and mood. Its worth seriously considering the daily requirements of our bodies (in general 3 litres for an adult male & 2.2 litres for an adult female) (Information from US Geological Survey) click here for further information.

There is also further evidence as to why a glass of water will effect mood. In Dean Burnett’s fascinating book The Happy Brain, (can be purchased through amazon here) he explains how we are able to do lots of things without thinking, its called habituation. We stop noticing things we do all the time because they are not biological relevant. It means we stop responding to things that have no biological consequence. Pain for example is something the brain must respond to as it means damage has occurred, this is biologically relevant, and so can’t be ignored.

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